Crowns and Bridges in Leesburg to Restore Your Oral Health

dental crowns and bridges in Leesburg, VAA damaged or missing tooth can significantly impact your smile and oral health. At Avin Dental Care, we offer customized and expertly shaped dental crowns and bridges in Leesburg to protect your smile and maintain its aesthetics. Our local laboratory uses the latest materials, such as zirconia, for our personalized dental restorations.

Whether you need a crown over a damaged tooth, root canal therapy, or a bridge to replace teeth after extractions, we can help. Our friendly dental team will explain your treatment options so you can make an informed decision regarding your oral health. Our trusted local lab can craft quality dental crowns and bridges with a two-week turnaround. Call Avin Dental Care today to schedule your consultation!


Best Dental Crowns in Leesburg, VA

Crowns are effective for multiple restorative and cosmetic treatments. Having a cracked or broken tooth means that the enamel no longer protects the dentin (the soft tissue that contains sensitive nerves and blood vessels). As a result, you'll feel pain when chewing or drinking hot or cold drinks. The pain can become severe enough to merit a dental emergency call. Here are some reasons you might require or consider a dental crown:

  • Capping a decayed, damaged, or discolored tooth
  • Restoring a tooth after root canal therapy
  • Securing a dental bridge in place
  • Reinforcing a chipped or cracked tooth
  • Completing a dental implant
  • Treating a sudden dental emergency
  • Enhancing your smile due to damaged, discolored, worn, or misshapen teeth

Benefits of Our Zirconia Restorations

Our zirconia crowns are crafted from high-quality dental materials with modern technology and techniques. These restorations provide the following benefits:

Aesthetics: Zirconia crowns blend in well with your natural smile. They can enhance your smile's appearance without seeming out of place in your mouth.

Longevity: Our crowns are made from incredibly strong zirconia material. If you clean your crown regularly, it should last a decade or more.

Convenience: Our dental crowns are fabricated by a local laboratory, so they take only two weeks of turnaround time. We complete the full process of preparing for and placing your dental crowns in just two appointments.

Precision: The laboratory we use employs modern digital imaging and milling technologies to ensure that the crowns fit precisely into your mouth. As a result, you'll enjoy a better functioning bite with minimal adjustments.

Health Benefits: Installing a zirconia crown can help minimize tooth sensitivity and protect your tooth from future damage.

The Dental Bridges Leesburg Trusts

dental bridges LeesburgIf you have missing teeth, our dentist may recommend a dental bridge to close the gaps in your smile. A dental bridge is a false tooth held in place by abutment teeth on either side of the gap. Our restorations can be made from a variety of materials, including zirconia and porcelain, to blend in with your natural teeth beautifully.

You'll need a dental bridge if you have a missing tooth or multiple missing teeth in a row. A dental bridge can address various dental issues, including:

  • Restoring your smile
  • Enhancing your speech and pronunciation
  • Improving the ability to chew properly
  • Re-adjusting your bite to correctly distribute the force when you chew
  • Preventing your remaining healthy teeth from shifting out of the correct position

Types of Dental Bridges

At Avin Dental Care, we offer various types of dental bridges tailored to your unique situation. Some of the common options we provide include:

Traditional dental bridge – This type of bridge consists of a false tooth or teeth held in place by dental crowns cemented onto each abutment tooth. Our dentist recommends this type of bridge if you have natural teeth on both sides of the gap.

Cantilever dental bridge – With a cantilever bridge, the prosthetic is held in place by a dental crown cemented to a single abutment tooth. You only need one natural tooth next to the gap to have a cantilever bridge.

Maryland dental bridge – While a traditional bridge utilizes dental crowns on the abutment teeth, this type of bridge uses a framework of metal or porcelain bonded onto the back of the abutment teeth.

Implant-supported dental bridge – These bridges use dental implants instead of crowns or frameworks. A pair of implants can be used to hold up to four missing teeth in a row.

Our dentist will determine what type of bridge will best fit your situation. You can always rely on our staff to thoroughly explain the reasons for any procedure we recommend. We want you to feel completely comfortable with your treatment.

Our Leesburg Dental Crown and Bridge Process

dental crowns LeesburgAt Avin Dental Care, we provide your permanent custom restoration in two steps. First, we shape the tooth or teeth to create room for a temporary restoration. We will also perform any extractions as needed. Our dentist will then take an impression of your bite and send it to a trusted local laboratory, which will fabricate your custom dental crown or bridge. In the meantime, we place a temporary restoration and adjust it for comfort. As a result, you'll have full function and protection while waiting for your permanent restoration.

When your custom dental crown or bridge is ready, you'll come back for a second appointment. We'll remove the temporary one and ensure the tooth is clean. Our dentist will then test the fit and feel of the permanent restoration and make any needed adjustments. Finally, we cement the dental crown or bridge in place to provide a lasting restoration.

Caring for Your New Restoration

The lifespan of a dental crown or bridge varies between 5-15 years, depending on how well you care for it. A zirconia crown can last for several years longer due to the quality of the material. At Avin Dental Care, we use quality gold, zirconia, and porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns to ensure longevity.

Caring properly for your dental crown or bridge will ensure that it lasts longer. Practice good oral hygiene, such as flossing and brushing your teeth at least twice a day and regularly visiting our dentist. Also, avoid using your teeth to open packages, don't bite down on hard objects such as ice, and always wear a mouthguard when engaging in vigorous sports. You also need to brush carefully between your teeth, particularly if you have a bridge or multiple crowns in a row.

Your Trusted Place for Quality Dental Bridges and Crowns in Leesburg

At Avin Dental Care, we pride ourselves on providing the Leesburg community with quality restorative dental services. Our experienced dentist is ready to help you achieve a healthy smile you can enjoy for years to come. We offer effective dental restorations with a gentle chairside manner to alleviate any anxiety.

Our compassionate team always strives to create a relaxing atmosphere for every patient. If you need a tooth repaired or enhanced, you can count on our team to provide you with the honest recommendations and the quality dental services you need. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.